What type of accounting software does Boca Raton Accounting use?

We use a variety of accounting software, which is based upon our client's needs. These include UltraTax, Creative Solutions Accounting and QuickBooks. Creative Solutions Accounting is a superior software preferred by accountants, bookkeepers and CPAs.

How secure will my records be?

All accounting files and information is kept highly confidential. Records are stored as high security files and no information is ever shared with outside parties for any reason.

What if I already have a CPA but would like to use Boca Raton Accounting for bookkeeping or payroll services only?

We have no problem working with your current CPA. In fact, your CPA will likely prefer it. It saves time and money to have your bookkeeping completed throughout the year versus waiting until year end to have your books completed and potentially rushed through in time for tax season. You have the choice to deliver your bookkeeping or payroll records to your CPA, or we can deliver them directly via email, postal mail or fax. This will only be done with your permission.

What if I’m too busy to meet on a monthly basis, but I need my bookkeeping completed?

At Boca Raton Accounting, we come to you or your bookkeeping can be mailed/faxed/emailed directly to us. When your bookkeeping is completed, we can hand deliver your financial statements or mail them back to you. We will work to make this service easy and efficient for you.

I work from 9:00-5:00 everyday. Do you offer weekend or weeknight hours?

Yes. We work with our clients to schedule meetings during times that work for them. This means that nights and weekends are always available for meeting to discuss tax return preparation, bookkeeping and other accounting services. In addition, we offer virtual meeting options to avoid having to meet in person.

Will I lose control of my business operations if I outsource a bookkeeper?

No. Boca Raton Accounting will not make any business decisions for you. You remain in full control of all business decisions.

However, we are always available to guide you in making business decisions, bookkeeping and tax planning if you so choose. Hiring Boca Raton Accounting to prepare your financial statements will simply make your business more organized, efficient, and prepared for tax time.

What if I have never done bookkeeping for my business? I don't know where to start!

Many businesses call us with limited or no knowledge of bookkeeping or accounting. Whether you've been in business for years, or just started a company, we can help. During your initial meeting, we will discuss your business needs and determine what types of bookkeeping or accounting are necessary to get your business on track for tax season, investors, loans, or your own use.